Starting a new business is always a challenge, and keeping your upfront costs as low as possible is essential, but local businessman Nigel Williams knew that a top-quality website was a must if he wanted to hit the ground running.

Early Investment Paid Dividends

Getting a great-looking, fully-responsive website from Tindish gave this client the professional image they needed, right from the start.

The website is simple, clean and gives all the information on the company’s services that a prospective client would be looking for, all the time guiding them down the sales funnel towards converting them from a casual browser into a valued customer.

Nigel Williams / Owner

Client’s Needs


  Fully Responsive

  Simple and Quick to update

  Clear Sales Funnel

  Enchanced SEO

  Connected to Facebook


What Made it Cool?


The enhanced SEO package ensured that the site and it’s content looked great when shared to Facebook.


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