Safe, Secure and Reliable Management of your Website.


We specialise in providing safe, secure and, most importantly, reliable hosting and management for your website.

With access to over 70,000 servers across seven state-of-the-art data centres in Europe and the USA, we are able to employ multiple redundancy and guarantee our clients nearly 100% uptime, ensuring that your website will be available when your customers need it, on time, every time.

Every website needs a home

We also offer additional features on top of basic hosting, including:


    SSL Certification

    Managed Content

    Regular Security Updates


As every website we design is fully bespoke, often the hosting package that accompanies it is also bespoke, crafted to match exactly with the needs of your business. We do also offer standard packages too; with our most popular ones being shown below.


(pcm paid annually in advance)
Reliable 24/7 Hosting
3x Email Addresses
SSL Certificate
Security Updates
Content Updates
Social Media Updates

Fast, reliable hosting for your website with no frills or unnecessary extras. Ideal for sites that don’t change very often

(pcm prices start from this)
Reliable 24/7 Hosting
upto 20x Email Addresses
SSL Certificate
Security Updates
New Products
Pricing Changes

A great option for eCommerce business that require a seamless sales experience and a site that’s always up and always fast