Why is Responsive Design Important?

Responsive Web Design is a phrase that has been steadily gaining more and more traction ever since it was first coined by Ethan Marcotte in mid-2010, and now it’s just quite simply a must for any website, new or old.


My Website looks great and it’s been working very well for us for years. I’m not going to change it…

Sounds like good logic, until you realise that while your website hasn’t changed, the way people view it has, dramatically over the past 5 years.

Back in 2012 almost 80% of people that saw your website did so on a desktop computer, but by the end of 2016 the majority of people accessing the web did so on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (Statcounter). So if you really want your website to engage your customers, it has to be Responsive.




What exactly is ‘Responsive Web Design’?

Simply put a website that has been designed responsively will adapt itself to whatever device it’s being viewed on, automatically, gracefully and seamlessly. No more looking at large websites on a smartphone and having to constantly pinch and tap in and out to view the content; no more layout glitches or missing menu items when your site is viewed on an iPad. Essentially it keeps your site looking beautiful without losing any information or functionality, whatever device your customers are using to view it.


Ahh, but… I already have a mobile version of my website for just that very reason!

Having a separate version of your site for mobile devices is definitely better than just having a desktop one, but they do have several downfalls when compared to a fully responsive site. Firstly you have to keep both sites updated individually, some to a lesser extent than others, but you still have to do it. That’s time and work that could be better spent elsewhere in your business. Secondly, and probably most importantly, search engines just don’t like them! As early as 2012 Google starting advising people to move away from mobile versions of website in favour of responsive ones. You can read their article here.

The major benefit from having a responsive website is that you have just the one, single website, with all your information on. Any changes can be done quickly and easily without you having to worry about whether they’ll show up on a smartphone or not.


It’s all about keeping things simple. Getting a great looking Website, with all the functionality you need simply, easily and quickly.


Okay, so how much extra does a responsive website cost over a normal one?

Nothing. Designing Websites responsively is the only way we do things here at Tindish. We want you to be happy with our work. We want your eyes to light up every time you view your shiny new website, whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, and responsive design is the way we make sure you do just that.


Can you update my current website to be responsive?

Sometimes. It just depends how it’s been written in the first place. But, even if it’s not really feasible to retro-fit your current Website, with prices starting from only £599 for a complete, responsive website, getting a shiny brand new one that will look great for years >to come is more affordable than you might think.

If you’re interested in ‘going responsive’ or if you’d like a FREE, no obligation review of your current website just get in touch.