Johnny Doughs

Johnny Dough’s

This well-renowned local business already had a website, but as their business grew, so did what they needed from their online presence. It needed to be bigger, slicker, feature-rich and more informative than their current site, so they came to Tindish to get it done.

Instant Brand Recognition

With ambitious expansion plans already taking shape, getting a unified look and feel for the brand was essential. We took their new logo and built an entire theme around it. The result is a site that is the perfect ambassador for the brand, not just now, but for well into the future.

Capturing Sales

A website is only as good as the business it brings in, so we carefully crafted it to convert casual browsers into valued customers by making it as simple as possible for people to contact the restaurants, make bookings, browse the menus and get directions.


Morgan Austin / 'Johnny Dough'

Client’s Needs

  Fully Responsive
  Online Booking Form
  Matched Branding
  Editable Menus
  Multiple Locations
  Social Connectivity


What Made it Cool?

We added Google’s language translation functionality to allow users to view the site in one of 16 different languages at the touch of a button.


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